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The Alien Nightmare

Lauriane Balestrat, Marc Antoine Alonso, Alexis Sabalza, Elie Berhoumieu, Lucas Soupou

Mike, Bob and Frank land on Earth for a scientific expedition. A routine mission for these aliens, but this time, everything won't go as planned...

France 6 mins

Le Bal Des Chats

Andrea Kiss

A ball of mice... at night. A big cat came and pretend he is dancing but tries indeed to catch a little mouse which enjoys a lot the cat’s game.

France 3 mins

Be Big

Jeon Da-young, Han Seo-a, Min-gyung Kim

The story of a tiny monster named Geomdaeng struggling to succeed in checking school attendance.

South Korea 4 mins


Jennifer Galewski

A beautiful sunny day, bengal, little house cat gets in touch with his hunter instincts…

Quebec 1 mins

Besoin d'espace

Camille Marcoux

On a country road, a young girl boards a spaceship to leave Earth, rather than boarding her bus to go to school.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Beyond The Line

Choi Jinuk

A wheelchair dreams of one day being fast like a racing car. One night, the wheelchair decides to do its own race in the hospital hallway. Will the wheelchair be able to fulfill his dream tonight?

USA, South Korea 3 mins

Les Chaussures de Louis

Theo Jamin, Kayu Leung, Marion Philippe, Jean Geraud Blanc

Louis, an eight and a half years old autistic kid arrives in his new school and he is about to introduce himself.

France 5 mins

Comme Sur Des Roulettes

Charlotte Ouimet-Rogers

A gluttonous raccoon (Alfie) covets the pizzas carried by a delivery girl (Jazz). The animal will have to show determination if it wants to put the paw on the delicious package.

Quebec 1 mins

Couverture, La

Marina Moshkova

In the far far North lives a very very grumpy Polar Bear. One day he receives an unexpected visitor...

Russia 6 mins


Zachary Bathalon

A young halfling adventurer enters a sinister dungeon, hoping to vainquish the gigantic monstrosity that guards those shadowy grounds. After his confident entrance, he starts his favorite single and bolts ...

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Donjon & Cie

Adele Bichon, Alizée Garnier, Noëllic Lebouvier, Yann Orhon, Leonard Plata, Mattéo Riviere

The Grolls, victimized minions of a dungeon, are relentlessly attacked by knights in search of<br>adventure. Exhausted, they go on strike to demand better working conditions.

France 7 mins


Simon Badedji, Gianni Pampagnin

A dust bunny drops into a kitchen on a sunny day. There it will discover an amusement park and will have fun until it gets chased by a monster.

Canada 2 mins

The Game

Elena Kurkova

On a sunny summer's day, the animals in the farmyard are bored, but when a ball suddenly pops out, everything changes...

Russia 3 mins

The Green Between

Ha Seung-eun

On a planet divided into ice and rocks, the tough and meticulous "Moor" of ice properties and the lively and easy-going "Bau" of rock properties invade each other's land. Then, something of a new property ...

South Korea 5 mins

La Guerre Très Très Froide

Bonnie Rollot, Clara Mari

Conrad the penguin search for his kidnapped friends.

France 4 mins

Happy Easter

Juliette Audureau, Maho Claquin, Titouan Cocault, Yann Coutard, Franklin Gervais, Sophie Terriere, Xinley Ye

In the shop of a chocolate factory, four rabbits trade their kind look for bandanas and gangster style golden chains. They leave to deliver a ransom to deliver their boss.

France 7 mins

Heure Bleue

Eloise Rompre

As the day reaches its end, a young hospitalized girl escapes to an imaginary world.

Quebec 1 mins


Erik Verkerk, Joost Van den Bosch

In this ultrashort animated film, we follow an octopus who is a clean-up neat-freak. But sometimes, even though you have so many arms, you still cannot reach what you are aiming for.

Netherlands 2 mins

Isaac Et Le Dragon

Joëlle McKen-Poirier

A shy young knight tries to prove his courage by facing a terrible dragon

Quebec 1 mins

Itchy The Camel: Basketball

Anders Beer Ph Dallaire

ITCHY is a simple-minded but charismatic camel whose itchy hump is a constant distraction. As he absent-mindedly wanders through the desert, Itchy comes across a basketball... and discovers he has a partic...

Quebec 2 mins

Itchy The Camel: Rateaux

Anders Beer Ph Dallaire

ITCHY is a simple-minded but charismatic camel whose itchy hump is a constant distraction. As he absent-mindedly wanders through the desert, Itchy discovers a pile of rakes...the perfect solution to his pe...

Quebec 2 mins


Glenn Gear

Set against a kaleidoscopic background of bead work in juicy colours and featuring a small cast of animal characters from Nunatsiavut (Northern Labrador), this animated short is a celebration of traditiona...

Canada 2 mins


Aliona Baranova

Huge sailor gets an autumn leaf from a small girl. It reminds him of his home. How long he has not been there? He runs to meet his old parents. What will he find there?

Czech Republic, Belarus 6 mins

The Little Bird and the Bees

Lena Von Döhren

High above, the little bird enjoys the flowers of its maple tree. A mysterious humming that needs to be fathomed sends him on a journey into a magical world of flowers. Of course, the fiery red fox is soon...

Switzerland 5 mins