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Christopher Poole

A couple install a smart home-security system and soon discover its furthest reaching implications in this paranoid chiller.

United Kingdom 13 mins

The Darkness

Jorge Sistos Moreno

A former schoolteacher emerges from a lake, horribly battered and dazed, looking almost like an apparition.

USA, Mexico 13 mins


Jaime Del Álamo Calachi

A man compulsively plays a grotesque game show that seems to never end, in the hopes of winning a perpetually hyped vacation prize.

Spain 11 mins


Adam Fair

A lone Russian astronaut flees a catastrophe aboard a space station. Barreling through space in a half-mad state, he encounters…

United Kingdom 9 mins

The Last Marriage

Johan Tappert, Gustav Egerstedt

Once enough time passes, few things can change the challenges and power dynamics of a marriage. Least of all a zombie apocalypse.

Sweden 16 mins

The Relic

J.M. Logan

A pack of adventurers in search of a mythological ruin uncover significantly more than they bargained for in this Lovecraftian bloodbath.

USA 14 mins

The Tenant

Lucas Paulino, Ángel Torres

Mia’s leg has suddenly gone numb. We’ll reveal no more.

Spain 10 mins


Alexandra Pechman

The daughter of a recently deceased performance artist visits her home to look over the career archive that she’s inherited.

USA 10 mins


Kjersti Helen Rasmussen

An unsettling work of futuristic folk horror – a story of beliefs, fantastically directed and performed.

Norway 11 mins

You're Dead Helen

Michiel Blanchart

Maxime is haunted by his girlfriend, Helene. He sees her everywhere. Hears her voice. It’s no small issue, as Helene is very much dead.

Belgium, France 24 mins