Presented by Éléphant The memory of Quebec cinema


Sun August 22, 2021
9:00 PM


Richard Martin


Jean Amadou


Jacques Riberolles, Chantal Renaud, Monique Mercure, Jacques Famery, Michèle Charron, Jacques Normand, Andrée Boucher, Philippe Farley, Jacques Desrosiers, Renée Martel, Michel Pagliaro


Denis S. Pantis

Quebec, France 1971 88 mins OV French Subtitles : English

This screening is at the Museum Cinema and there is no ticket reservation.

Fantasia and ÉLÉPHANT : Mémoire du cinéma Québécois are proud to present the restoration of a rare and unusual pseudo-erotic comedy. Shot mainly between September 12 and October 19, 1970 in Montreal, FINALEMENT... turns out to be the only Quebec fiction feature film shot during the October Crisis. This France-Quebec co-production premiered on April 23, 1971 on two Montreal screens, and then disappeared from the radar, never having been released on home video. Lucie Mailler (Chantal Renaud), a waitress in a Montreal diner, meets Philippe (Jacques Riberolles), a popular French fashion photographer living in Montreal, while serving coffee. Fascinated by the young blonde's bold beauty and boiling temperament, he sets out to make her a sensation in the French-speaking world. True to the Pygmalion myth, Philippe and Lucie will obviously fall in love, but does this union have what it takes to last?

FINALEMENT... is directed by Richard Martin, best known for directing numerous TV series for Radio-Canada, including LES FORGES DE SAINT-MAURICE, DONALD LAUTREC CHAUD, BYE BYE and LANCE ET COMPTE 2 and 3. He also directed LES BEAUX DIMANCHES (1974). The film stars French actor Jacques Riberolles and his girlfriend of the moment, Chantal Renaud, whom he had met earlier on the set of L'INITIATION. Chantal Renaud's performance remains one of the attractions of this production, as she goes from very picturesque joual to international French in the space of a few days. FINALEMENT... is the only film production by Quebec recording mogul Denis Pantis, and also features great musical performances by several iconic artists of the 1960s and 1970s, including Michel Pagliaro, Renée Martel and Bruce Huard. The film's cast also includes many noted Quebec actors, including Monique Mercure, Jacques Normand, Andrée Boucher, and Jacques Desrosiers. – Marc Lamothe


Sun August 22, 2021
9:00 PM