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Discover the Animation Jury 2021 - Previews

26 mins 2 films France, Iran

Uncanny Stories Preview

“A horror anthology adapted from literature. The idea is to associate several authors and directors to form a scary animated film anthology. Based on this observation, and in particular with a strong urge to deal with these horrifying subjects, that we wanted to embark on the adventure of this anthology bringing together six adaptations of French or international short stories. Among the authors we have selected, the choice of works was ultimately focused on feelings rather than on a purely logical thematic, and it is this diversity that makes the strength and the strangeness of this anthology. From horror, fear or anguish, we found it fascinating to set side by side Laura Kasischke and H.P. Lovecraft or Jean Ray and the Grimm brothers and William Tenn, including Edgar Allan Poe.”

An early look at an animated feature project in production from France’s Folimage and Les Films du tambour de soie, including a segment directed by 2021 Satoshi Kon Award jury president Hefang Wei.

Juliet and the King Preview

“Nasser-al-Din Shah, the Iranian king, gets an invitation to visit France. He loves Europe and he always takes the chance to visit there. While visiting a Romeo-Juliet play in Paris, the actress catches his eyes. He falls in love with her so deeply that he asks her to perform the same play in Tehran, so he could impress her and win her heart. Julie, the actress, decides to take this chance. With the help of her friend Jamal, she goes to perform in Iran, anticipating progress in her career. But she suddenly finds herself among jealous court ladies, and the center of the king’s attention.

The story describes the Iranians' passion for traveling to Europe in the 19th century, focusing on the cultural relations between Iran and France. This film also illustrates the glory and the progressive acts of the Qajar dynasty.”

An early look at an animated feature project in development from Iran’s Hoorakhsh Studios, led by 2021 Satoshi Kon Award jury member Ashkan Rahgozar.

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