Haute tension sur les internets - Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois

103 mins 14 films Switzerland, Czech Republic, Canada, Quebec
Thu August 12, 2021
9:00 PM


Fri August 13, 2021
9:00 AM

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Ma Très Chair Fraiche

Nicolas Combettes

Horace, his body decaying, asks existential questions during the meal he is enjoying. He savours a woman's finger from which he spits out an engagement ring. His wife, in a state similar to his, handcuffed...

Quebec 2 mins

L'Âge des vanités

Caroline Mailloux

A woke youtuber seeks to become more popular than his cat. Success doesn't come, until he makes an unsuspected discovery... But is the world ready?

Canada, Quebec 13 mins


Gavin Seal

An ancient demon from the past teaches a social media junkie a brutal lesson about being present.

Canada, Quebec 3 mins


Samuel Mac

One summer in Montreal, a teenage outsider confronts his bullies with a little help from a classic horror movie.

Canada, Quebec 11 mins

Coup de Pion

David Henry

A young pawn from the white team progresses on the chessboard where she quickly faces a piece from the opposite team.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Granny Martine

David Émond-Ferrat

When his beloved grandma dies, Thomas is called upon to play the hero one last time.

Quebec, Switzerland 9 mins

Le Visiteur

Olivier Côté

Jirka rents a room in his Prague apartment to a bodybuilding tourist who constantly trains all over the city. Jirka can’t help but spy on this mysterious visitor, but quickly realizes he might be the one g...

Quebec, Czech Republic 13 mins


Zachary Bathalon

A young halfling adventurer enters a sinister dungeon, hoping to vainquish the gigantic monstrosity that guards those shadowy grounds. After his confident entrance, he starts his favorite single and bolts ...

Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Olivier Frigon

During her usual layover in Buffalo, a bored flight attendant must face her dubious decisions and therefore possibly alter the rest of her tedious life.

Canada 10 mins


Shane Kelsey

This film was inspired by appalling events that took place in residential schools and the horrors Indigenous children saw and endured.

Quebec 5 mins


Andrew Cyr-Marcoux

Timothy's severe schizophrenia causes him to experience severe hallucinations. As he describes them to his friends, terrible things start to happen around them.

Canada, Quebec 13 mins


Marie-Claude Béchard

When she can no longer care for her sick sister, Mabel decides on a whim that she will abandon her in a forest.

Canada, Quebec 2 mins

Sang trouble

Patricia Rioux

Joseph is petrified at his front door, ajar, a few drops of blood at his feet. A bloody handprint on the door frame. His girlfriend’s keys, dangling from the lock, dripping...

Canada, Quebec 8 mins


Cédrick Provost

David "Badtrips" in the washrooms of a cinema. He sees blood flow under his cabin door, and a man lying dead on the floor. What has really happened here?

Canada, Quebec 13 mins


Thu August 12, 2021
9:00 PM


Fri August 13, 2021
9:00 AM

Virtual Screening