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Things That Go Bump In The East 2021

109 mins 8 films Philippines, South Korea, USA, Taiwan, India, Japan

Fill your pockets with pujok, omamori, agimat, kautuka, and fu talismans! Fantasia’s showcase of bite-sized Asian tales of the macabre, THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE EAST, returns following its well-received, all-animation debut in 2019. Our second celebration of the otherworldly from the other side of the world is split between animation and live-action, and this sinister selection of spooky chillers (always with a twist of dark humour) creeped out of their vaults in India, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, and for a dash of diasporic bedevilment, the USA. Undead bloodsuckers, black magic, fiends and phantoms abound, as does the evil done at the hands of mortal men – and monkeys!

Chewing Gum

Mihir Fadnavis

Railway, rickshaw, or running like hell, nothing can save a man of questionable appetites, because the night has an appetite too.

India 18 mins

Carnivorous Bean Sprout

Seo Sae-rom

Nature's newest nightmare has emerged – and the crowds at the tropical theme park just love it.

South Korea 5 mins


Ralph Pineda, Dyan Sagenes

A devil’s dutiful daily dealings with the dead don’t preclude the desire for a friend.

Philippines 15 mins


Kim Tae-woo

As the full moon nears, maladies and malevolent ghosts infest a village, and only humble craftsman Huh can save his neighbours’s souls.

South Korea 12 mins

Koreatown Ghost Story

Teddy Tenenbaum, Minsun Park

A horror-comedy that’ll get under your skin, starring Lyrica Okana (RUNAWAYS) and the great Margaret Cho!

USA 15 mins

Night Bus

Joe Hsieh

Dirty deeds and dire developments lie ahead for a band of nocturnal travellers, in this hilarious, hair-raising chiller.

Taiwan 20 mins

Seen It

Adithi Krishnadas

A marvellous menagerie of monsters, plucked from the imagination of Mr. P. N. K. Panicker, a top-notch teller of tall tales.

India 12 mins


Noboru Suzuki

What kind of beast would try to defraud a nice old lady (who hasn’t seen daylight in centuries)?

Japan 13 mins