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North American premiere
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Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes (Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes)

Directed by Junta Yamaguchi

Virtual Screening


Official selection

Fantasmagoria Film Festival 2021
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2021
Kurja Polt Film Festival 2021
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2021


Fantaspoa - Best Director & Audience Award

Brussels Fantastic Fest - Winner White Raven - Critics Award


Junta Yamaguchi


Makoto Ueda


Aki Asakura, Kazunori Tosa


Takahiro Otsuki


Junta Yamaguchi


Junta Yamaguchi


Indiecan Entertainment Inc.

Japan 2021 70 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English

Born out of an acting workshop and shot on an iPhone, BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES is a high-concept time-loop movie that transcends expectations with its inventive concept. Kato (Kazunori Tosa) is at a bit of a dead-end in life. He lives above the cafe he owns and feels that his life isn't moving forward when, one day, his computer screen starts to talk to him. The twist? It's Kato from two minutes in the future; the sullen cafe owner has somehow stumbled on a very limited time loop. As he draws in his friends and coworkers, they all try to make sense of the weird phenomenon while also inventing creative ways to profit from their two-minute insight into the future.

The first film project from the popular Europe Kikaku theatre group, BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES is like ONE CUT FROM THE DEAD meets TENET. This barebones but invigorating trip cleverly plays with the science-fiction genre. The cinematic debut for most of the cast and crew (including director Junta Yamaguchi and star Kazunori Tosa), the film also co-stars actress Aki Asakura (the voice of Princess Kaguya) in a prominent role. Like a video game with real-world consequences, the film’s dynamic premise extends to the ambitious and energetic camera work, adding an extra layer of fun to the mix. Sweet, silly and satisfying, BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES is a heartwarming and charming ride that shows the life-changing potential of two minutes. - Justine Smith