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The 12 Day Tale Of The Monster That Died...

Shunji Iwai

Shunji Iwai’s latest is a delightfully meta slice of pandemic life in isolation – with kaiju!

Japan 82 mins

Act Of Violence In A Young Journalist

Manuel Lamas

Blanca, a brilliant young journalist who is writing a thesis on violence, is unaware that a psychopathic killer is on her trail.

Uruguay 108 mins


Mickey Reece

With his signature romantic maximalism, Mickey Reece’s latest draws us into a convent gripped by demonic possession.

USA 92 mins

Alien On Stage

Danielle Kummer, Lucy Harvey

If Ridley Scott and Christopher Guest had the most joyful documentary baby... Get on board the Nostromo-bus express, next stop, Alien City!

United Kingdom 83 mins

All About Lily Chou-Chou

Shunji Iwai

Pop star Lily Chou-Chou dominates the charts and the lives of two teens, in Shunji Iwai’s generation-defining coming-of-age masterpiece.

Japan 146 mins

April Story

Shunji Iwai

A shy girl from Hokkaido moves to Tokyo for university…and a crush. A Shunji Iwai classic.

Japan 67 mins

Art Kabuki

Kazutaro Nakamura

With live shows cancelled due to COVID-19, an actor creates a sumptuous filmed performance. Like a rock concert in a Zen garden.

Japan 86 mins

Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes

Junta Yamaguchi

A fun low-budget, high-concept time-loop movie that transcends expectations – sweet, silly, inventive and satisfying,

Japan 70 mins

Broadcast Signal Intrusion

Jacob Gentry

At the dawn of the digital age, a video techie delves into an unnerving anomaly, in this engrossing technological thriller.

USA 104 mins

Catch The Fair One

Josef Kubota Wladyka

An Indigenous ex-boxer infiltrates the sex-trafficking world in search of her missing sister. A ferocious thriller co-produced by Darren Aronofsky.

USA 85 mins

Coming Home In The Dark

James Ashcroft

This extraordinary neo-Noir is a blisteringly tense road movie into hell that plays like a home-invasion thriller set largely in a moving car.

New Zealand 93 mins

Frank & Zed

Jesse Blanchard

Two monsters must survive a medieval curse in the goriest puppet movie ever, bloodthirsty, bone-crunching and strangely heartwarming.

USA 90 mins

Funky Forest: The First Contact

Shunichiro Miki, Katsuhito Ishii, Hajime Ishimine

A defining work of Japan's millennial new wave of outrageously original pop cinema, guaranteed to confuse, amuse, repulse, and excite you!

Japan 150 mins

Georama Boy, Panorama Girl

Natsuki Seta

Director Natsuki Seta demonstrates exemplary delicacy and sensitivity with this beautiful coming-of-age story.

Japan 105 mins

Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story

Avid Liongoren

When Nimfa’s life gets turned upside down, will the sexy kitten land on her feet? A steamy cartoon soap-opera satire.

Philippines 74 mins

Hold Me Back

Akiko Ohku

Mitsuko thrives on being alone. Until her hearts gets in the way. The latest from rom-com master Akiko Ohku (TREMBLE ALL YOU WANT).

Japan 133 mins

It's A Summer Film!

Soushi Matsumoto

The teen coming-of-age, the samurai and the sci-fi film come together in Soushi Matsumoto’s imaginative, luminous ode to moviemaking magic!

Japan 97 mins


Kim Jong-kwan

A romance develops between a student and a young paraplegic woman in this moving new adaptation of JOSÉE, THE TIGER AND THE FISH.

South Korea 117 mins

Junk Head

Takahide Hori

The existential cyber-horror of Takahide Hori’s one-man stop-motion project returns at last in a tighter, meaner theatrical edit.

Japan 101 mins


Tsutomu Hanabusa

Welcome to the private academy Hyakkaoh, where the hierarchy is defined by success in gambling. Catch up on the first film in the series!

Japan 119 mins

King Car

Renata Pinheiro

The son of a taxi man has the peculiar ability to talk to cars, in Renata Pinheiro’s peculiar vision of machine apocalypse.

Brazil 99 mins


Rasmus Merivoo

Two snot-nosed little brats bring a demonic spirit to life in this delightfully preposterous Estonian dark comedy.

Estonia 107 mins

Lost Boys

Joonas Neuvonen, Sadri Cetinkaya

In this unintended sequel to REINDEERSPOTTING, filmmaker Joonas Neuvonen travels to Southeast Asia seeking the truth behind his friend Jani’s death.

Finland 99 mins

Midnight in a Perfect World

Dodo Dayao

Near-perfect, near-future Manila. Enter a safe house after a blackout to discover how far the darkness can stretch, in Dodo Dayao’s sophomore effort.

Philippines 92 mins