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Return of the Bastard Swordsman

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Tony Lu


Norman Tsui, Alex Man, Chen Kuan Tai


Ceklestial Pictures

Hong Kong 1984 94 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English/Chinese

“Lu Chin Ku, Shaw Brothers’ reigning demented genius, delivers a fever dream of psychedelic imagery and martial arts madness”
– Andrew Pragasam, THE SPINNING IMAGE

The martial world is in chaos in old China. The infamous silkworm kung fu was once the most lethal skill. It can kill your enemies with spinning silk, and give you laser-shooting powers. However, that seems so yesterday, when a Japanese warrior, skilled in the Heart Killer technique that expands his chest to dangerous proportions, enters town. The Wu Tang and Invincible Clans are at odds with each other again, but this time, the main master of the Invincible Clan has achieved a much higher level of mastery, bodies continue to pile up, and the foreign warrior steps in to finish them off. Meanwhile, a fortune teller with kung fu chops and serious wisdom enters the picture and lends a helping hand, ultimately teaming up with the Silkworm Master to bring down the Heart Killer in a manner that may involve a mix of fighting and beating drums.

Even more insane and ludicrous than the previous film, this stand-alone sequel moves at even greater kinetic speed. As a refresher, imagine Spider-Man laced with the potent lunacy of traditional and supernatural martial arts, with minimum regard for gravity. Director Lu reunites again with veteran action choreographer Yuen Tak (Jet Li’s FONG SAI YUK), serving up an outlandish onslaught of over-the-top fight scenes involving wild acrobatics, deadly palms, killer heartbeats, fingers shooting lasers, and cool music. Are you ready to be swept away by a flood of dynamic kung fu? – King-Wei Chu