We Are The Menstruators

Directed by Nadia Giosia

Virtual Screening



Nadia Giosia


Luisa Giosia, Nadia Giosia


Gabi Kislat, Roman Zenz

Sound Designer

Jeremy Reid


The Menstruators


Chris Malanchen


B360 Media Inc. / Diffusion Multi-Monde

Canada, Quebec 2021 92 mins OV English Subtitles : English
Genre Documentary

Montreal-born Nadia G became a cooking star with her shows BITCHIN' KITCHEN and BITE THIS, which aired on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. But her headstrong attitude and outspokenness were not always well received by her employers. So she decided to leave everything behind to pursue her other passion: becoming a punk rock singer, and going on tour with her band The Menstruators! At first, in a motley crew that includes a classical musician and an old colleague with whom relations have become frosty, Nadia will have to learn to push her ego and surround herself with the right people to succeed.

WE ARE THE MENSTRUATORS is a documentary that takes us into the life of a woman who is not afraid of her ambitions. By touching on her personal experiences, among others through the presence of her spouse, friends and family, the film depicts a personal quest for fulfilment and self-improvement. Nadia will even have to delve into her past to better understand herself and achieve her dream. The film skilfully mixes comedy with more down-to-earth personal moments, maintaining the punk spirit through it all! Of course, with Nadia G co-directing, some of the moments are exuberant and larger than life, very much in her image! A correlation can be drawn with THIS IS SPINAL TAP, for this intrusion into the life of a very colourful band; or even the documentary YOU CAN'T KILL DAVID ARQUETTE, presented last year at Fantasia, for the obsession with self-improvement. The Menstruators will rock your festival and give you a dose of energy, showing you that if you go for your goals, no one can stop you. – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg