Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain

Directed by Tsui Hark

Fri October 22, 2021
6:45 PM


Tsui Hark


Yuen Biao, Adam Cheng, Brigitte Lin, Sammo Hung, Norman Tsui


Fortune Star

Hong Kong 1983 112 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English/Chinese
Genre Martial Arts

Showcased during Fantasia’s 1998 edition along with THE BLADE, Tsui Hark’s ZU: WARRIORS FROM THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN remains one of Hong Kong’s most influential films, often considered – and rightly so – to be the film that skyrocketed its cinema to stratospheric heights and ushered in the ’80s and ’90s. In the fifth century, an endless battle rages on. A deserter from the Blue Army, along with a soldier from the Red, find themselves wrapped up in an epic battle between Good, Evil... and the Blood Demon! Celestial castles and bouncy battles, lasers and rainbows, insane miniatures and mind-bending action – words alone don’t do the film’s relentless visual invention justice. Boasting a legendary cast on top of it – Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, Brigitte Lin – this Tsui Hark masterpiece marries the inimitable Hong Kong know-how with Hollywood’s most cutting edge special effects, earning its reputation as the wuxia STAR WARS!


Fri October 22, 2021
6:45 PM