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Botanicum Eroticorum

141 mins 13 films China, Hong Kong, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, USA, France

Intimacy and fantasy, here is a collection for you of a very large variety of specimens in today’s representation of sexuality in film. Documentaries, fiction, and animated films, from the most narrative to most abstract and experimental, the silliest to the deepest of torment, Fantasia’s BOTANICUM EROTICORUM takes a deep dive into the delightful jungle of emotions and bodies, huffing and puffing, battling out the eternal mating rituals – ancient and reinvented.

CW: This short film showcase contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature. Viewer discretion is advised. – Celia Pouzet


Haonan Wang

An urban tale of love, plants and sacrifice set in a mysterious restaurant hidden in an alleyway.

China 15 mins


Ivan Li

An epileptic orgy, “an in-depth technical analysis on fruits.” Don’t you worry, though… it’s vegan AND gluten free.

Canada, Hong Kong 3 mins

Hold Me Tight

Mélanie Robert-Tourneur

In the heart of a dark forest, two silhouettes meet, attract and repel each other in an explosive bridal parade. "Hold Me Tight" is a bittersweet romance.

Belgium, France 6 mins

Night Of The Living Dicks

Ilja Rautsi

Venla inds a pair of glasses that reveal which men are real dicks. Alas, the dick monsters quickly realize Venla can see their true form…

Denmark, Finland 19 mins

Progressive Touch

Michael Portnoy

Three futuristic, absurdist love scenes in which the goal is to "improve" sex by complicating its rhythm and choreography.

Austria, Netherlands 13 mins

Sexy Furby

Nicole Daddona, Adam Wilder

Amid the picturesque backdrop of rural northern Connecticut, a suicidal girl's life changes when she encounters a man-sized Furby.

USA 14 mins

The Booth

Michael Arcos

A documentary about adult video arcades and the role alternative spaces play in shaping – and preserving – identities.

USA 7 mins

Last Night At The Strip Club

Nicole Bazuin

Toronto stripper Andrea Werhun was ousted from her club by the COVID-19 lockdown. Now, she's taking business online.

Canada 12 mins

The Lovers

Avra Fox-Lerner

A roommate stuck in a codependent cycle finds her burgeoning romance might lead to something unexpected.

USA 8 mins

Macho Carne

George Pedrosa

A poetic ode to queer masculinity, fetishism of the body, sweat and blood, a burning phantasm.

Brazil 15 mins


Leah Shore

Samantha is locked up in her New York apartment, she’s lonely, she’s horny AF, and having a hard time getting laid for some reason.

USA 9 mins

Romy & Laure... And The Mystery Of The E...

Romy Alizée & Laure Giappiconi Romy Alizée & Laure Giappiconi

One day, a shiny new butt plug mysteriously appears at the door of Romy, Laure, Elisa and Titi, the curious cat.

France 12 mins

Some Kind of Humanity

Rock Brenner

He's in his thirties, often feels lonely and left out, but, luckily, he has Michael, his best friend.

France 10 mins