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Circo Animato 2021

91 mins 13 films Spain, Canada, Taiwan, France, Japan, South Korea, USA

Fantasia’s annual showcase of amazing animated short films from around the world returns with over a dozen dazzling offerings, marvelously multifarious in in tone, technique, and perspective. This year’s selections, five of which are world premieres, come from France, Japan, South Korea, USA, Taiwan, Spain, and right here in Canada. From inner journeys to outer-space travel, with the musical dimension a major consideration, CIRCO ANIMATO 2021 is guaranteed to mesmerize aficionados of fine animation. – Rupert Bottenberg


Chloé Forestier

Something’s got everybody down these days.

France 3 mins


Carlos Salgado

Despite great hazards and even greater distances, an interplanetary traveller strives to fulfill his mission.

Spain 8 mins


Anne-Lou Graoww, Song Hayoung Elaine, So Hi-jeong, Oh Sun-kyung, Satoe Yoshinari, Yoo Kaitlen Haeun

Six directors, from South Korea, France, and Japan, pass along their perspectives on eco-friendly actions.

Japan, South Korea, France 4 mins


Aya Yamasaki, Jason Brown

Tato and Bere bring offerings to a harvest deity, but things do not go smoothly.

USA, Japan 14 mins

Pimple On The Nose

Davide Di Saro

A phantasmagoric free-fall that will freak you out.

Canada 4 mins

Girl In The Water

Shi-Rou Huang

No matter what is left, time can change everything.

Taiwan 7 mins

Ménage à Trois: Flour, Eggs And Sugar

Choi Michelle Yun-jeong

The right recipe for animation innovation.

USA, South Korea 2 mins

Le Sourire De La Courgette

Lucas Ansart

A young woman has second thoughts about the harsh but effective agricultural practices of her cat-man boyfriend.

France 7 mins


Noémie Bevierre

Perils await a heavenly creature tasked with safeguarding the souls of the fallen.

France 5 mins

Blink In The Desert

Shinobu Soejima

The troubled transformation of a young ascetic, as told by the director of THE HOUSE RATTLER (Fantasia 2019).

Japan 11 mins


Kim Eun-seo

An aching, exquisite voyage into the machinery of the mind.

South Korea 7 mins

Misery Loves Company

Lee Sasha

A beautiful musical moment of adolescent angst.

USA, South Korea 3 mins


Jordan Speer

A canine cosmonaut’s courageous efforts have kaleidoscopically colourful consequences on a planetary scale.

USA 16 mins