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Discover the Animation Jury 2021

30 mins 3 films Estonia, Iran, India

Bird Flu

A sly, colourful, and irreverent revisiting of the biblical myth of the fall from Paradise, co-directed, with Estonian filmmaker Priit Tender, by 2021 Satoshi Kon Award jury president Hefang Wei.


To thwart the menace of poachers, a wildlife ranger must become one with the beasts he seeks to protect. An animated short from Iran’s Hoorakhsh Studios, directed by Reyhaneh Mirhashemi, and written and produced by 2021 Satoshi Kon Award jury member Ashkan Rahgozar.


In a near-future India ravaged by climate change, survival has become a struggle, and the beasts are no longer what they were. From Kolkata’s Ghost Animation, the winner of the 2020 Satoshi Kon Award for best animated short film, co-directed by 2021 Satoshi Kon Award jury member Kalp Sanghvi.