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Bird Flu

Hefang Wei

A sly, colourful, and irreverent revisiting of the biblical myth of the fall from Paradise.

Estonia 10 mins

Blink In The Desert

Shinobu Soejima

The troubled transformation of a young ascetic, as told by the director of THE HOUSE RATTLER (Fantasia 2019).

Japan 11 mins

Bye-Bye Elida

Titouan Bordeau

Various creatures and characters make their way, in one way another, across a sparse yet endlessly surprising landscape.

France 35 mins

Carnivorous Bean Sprout

Seo Sae-rom

Nature's newest nightmare has emerged – and the crowds at the tropical theme park just love it.

South Korea 5 mins

Chroniques du Centre-Sud

Richard Suicide

Inspiration awaits a struggling cartoonist right downstairs – his neighbour’s esoteric formula for homemade potato hooch.

Canada 4 mins


Dash Shaw

A quest to save unicorns, griffins and phoenixes in Dash Shaw’s fantastical new animated feature.

USA 95 mins

Death And The Winemaker

Victor Jaquier

A lovestruck young winemaker crafts a batch fine enough to tempt Death herself, but his deceit will leave a bitter aftertaste.

Switzerland 19 mins

The Deer King

Masashi Ando, Miyaji Masayuki

The legendary warrior Broken Antler Van must reluctantly face his destiny, in this grand anime fantasy epic of the first order.

Japan 113 mins

Deiji Meets Girl

Ushio Tazawa

A special, world-premiere teaser for a mysterious teen fantasy anime series, directed by a key contributor to numerous Makoto Shinkai films.

Japan 2 mins


Noémie Bevierre

Perils await a heavenly creature tasked with safeguarding the souls of the fallen.

France 5 mins

The Expected

Carolina Sandvik

A pregnant woman has a miscarriage in her bathtub. Her partner struggles to care for the skin that remains.

Sweden 15 mins

Fire Craft

Naoki Matsuura

When his late father’s treasured scissors need repair, a boy sets out to visit a master craftsman in a faraway land.

Japan 26 mins

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko

Ayumu Watanabe

Big things are going to happen in the lives of this small fishing town. A quirky, candid, colourful anime comedy-drama.

Japan 97 mins


Ivan Li

An epileptic orgy, “an in-depth technical analysis on fruits.” Don’t you worry, though… it’s vegan AND gluten free.

Canada, Hong Kong 3 mins

Ghost Dogs

Joe Cappa

An inquisitive pup explores its new home. It is not alone. A disturbing and hilarious dive into dread, from a dog’s perspective.

USA 11 mins

Girl In The Water

Shi-Rou Huang

No matter what is left, time can change everything.

Taiwan 7 mins

Good For You

Kim Ilhyun

A mesmerizing, impressionistic sketch of a purification rite – six minutes to soothe the soul.

South Korea 7 mins


Aya Yamasaki, Jason Brown

Tato and Bere bring offerings to a harvest deity, but things do not go smoothly.

USA, Japan 14 mins

Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story

Avid Liongoren

When Nimfa’s life gets turned upside down, will the sexy kitten land on her feet? A steamy cartoon soap-opera satire.

Philippines 74 mins

Hold Me Tight

Mélanie Robert-Tourneur

In the heart of a dark forest, two silhouettes meet, attract and repel each other in an explosive bridal parade. "Hold Me Tight" is a bittersweet romance.

Belgium, France 6 mins

The Horse Guessing Game

Leilei Xia

Trapped in a dark nightmare, a nightmare she couldn’t reveal to anyone, a little girl finally finds the courage to face it.

China 9 mins


Kim Tae-woo

As the full moon nears, maladies and malevolent ghosts infest a village, and only humble craftsman Huh can save his neighbours’s souls.

South Korea 12 mins


Chun-Chien Lien, Pohan Lee

Digital emulations of delicate paper-cut images decorate a rumination on our inner selves.

Taiwan 5 mins


Reyhaneh Mirhashemi

To thwart the menace of poachers, a wildlife ranger must become one with the beasts he seeks to protect.

Iran 10 mins