North American premiere
Axis On Demand

Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story

Directed by Avid Liongoren

Virtual Screening


Official selection

Animac Animation Festival 2021
Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2021
Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2021


Avid Liongoren


Manny Angeles, Paulle Olivenza


Empoy Marquez, Sam Milby, Arci Muñoz, Robin Padilla, Angelica Panganiban


Manny Angeles, Joyce Bernal, E Del Mundo, Avid Liongoren, Piolo Pascual

Sound Designer

WAPAK Sound Studios


Len Calvo


Jether Amar, Avid Liongoren


Jether Amar, Tep Atento, Geri Cruz, Keb Makasiar, Ariel Mantaring, Joshua Panelo, Anne Sy


Rocketsheep Studio

Philippines 2020 74 mins OV Filipino Subtitles : English
Genre ComedyAnimationRomanceAction

“A boisterous swirl of sass, sex and soap opera hysterics”
– Allan Hunter, SCREEN DAILY

It’s a sunny morning in the city and the streets are bustling with activity. Humble shopgirl Nimfa Dimaano, however, is hidden away in a fortune teller’s tent, finding out what her future holds. What do the cards say? It seems Nimfa is destined to fall in love with two men at the same time. Oh, she can look forward to a wild sex ride! Nimfa is certainly enthusiastic about that. But be careful what you wish for, kitty-cat. Good times lie ahead, but so do headaches, heartbreaks, and desperate drama as Ninfa finds herself torn between the muscular mutt Roger and the classy playboy Inigo. When Nimfa’s life gets turned upside down, will the sexy kitten land on her feet?

Steamier and spicier than the best dish at your favourite street-food stall, HAYOP KA! (a Tagalog profanity translating roughly to “you animal”) is an energetic and affectionate satire of racy television soap operas. And it’s all told with colourful, eye-catching cartoon animals – HAYOP KA! THE NIMFA DIMAANO STORY has been nominated not just for Fantasia's Satoshi Kon Award this year, but also an Ursa Major Award, the Oscars of the furry community. Cute as its characters may be, this is definitely adults-only stuff, loaded with sight gags and dirty double entendres. It’s the work of director Avid Liongren and his team at Manila’s Rocketsheep Studio, who brought the world the live-action/animation hybrid romantic fantasy SAVING SALLY in 2016. They’re looking to put indie animation from the Philippines on the world map, and help build a national voice in the medium. HAYOP KA! is a great step forward on that path, a funny, sexy farce with a great, big, throbbing, glistening organ... by which we mean its heart, obviously, what were you thinking? – Rupert Bottenberg