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Anna Zaytseva

Gut-wrenching dread tears through this tense Russian Screenlife thriller that explores a grisly social media suicide challenge.

Russia 93 mins


Mark H. Rapaport

A tense family therapy session crashes into unexpected territory.

USA 25 mins

Anita McNelson

Luke Whitmore

Shadows of infidelity loom over an older married couple in this clever and near wordless short from Winnipeg filmmaker Luke Whitmore.

Canada 15 mins


Christopher Poole

A couple install a smart home-security system and soon discover its furthest reaching implications in this paranoid chiller.

United Kingdom 13 mins

At Last, The Sea

Ana Karen Alva Medina

Matriarchal apparitions guide a woman imprisoned for witchcraft, in this enlightened retelling of a famous, centuries-old legend.

Mexico 13 mins


Sam Roden, Nick Hartanto

A stroke victim finds herself in a harrowing place after her husband pulls an old karaoke machine out of their garage.

USA 15 mins


João Gilberto Lara, Evandro Caixeta

News of recent disappearances prompts Sofia to seek answers about what may have happened to her sister.

Brazil 15 mins

Baby Money

Mikhael Bassilli, Luc Walpoth

A crackling thriller and a study of desperate people in a desperate situation, BABY MONEY delivers in so many ways.

USA 93 mins

Back To The Wharf

Li Xiaofeng

A truly refreshing film noir, with sharp reflections on corruption, greed and how China’s modernization can transform an innocent family.

China 119 mins

Bat Cat

Simon Tofield

Will Simon’s Cat come to the rescue of a terrified Simon?

England 3 mins


Emily Bennett

Seemingly terrified of her own bed, Madeline locks herself in her room for weeks in an attempt to confront her fears.

USA, Australia 10 mins

Bill N Back

Olivier Brisson

The exciting and mind-twisting adventures of two comically conjoined twins, an enthusiastic wolf and a bossy rabbit, who must work together to adapt to a wacky world in constant change.

Canada, Quebec 7 mins

Broadcast Signal Intrusion

Jacob Gentry

At the dawn of the digital age, a video techie delves into an unnerving anomaly, in this engrossing technological thriller.

USA 104 mins

Brother Troll

Gudmund Helmsdal

Once upon a time in the Faroe Islands, there lived three brothers...

Feroe 30 mins


Haonan Wang

An urban tale of love, plants and sacrifice set in a mysterious restaurant hidden in an alleyway.

China 15 mins


Paul Andrew Williams

A feared gang enforcer, vanished for ten years, returns to hunt the mobsters he once ran with in this ferocious British revenge thriller.

United Kingdom 88 mins

Bums - Remake Of A Miscellaneous News It...

Rémi Fréchette

Reenactment of an iconic accident that happened in Trois-Rivière involving Yolande Ouellet and some teenage bums, that brought her in front of a judge in April 2000.

Quebec 2 mins

Catch The Fair One

Josef Kubota Wladyka

An Indigenous ex-boxer infiltrates the sex-trafficking world in search of her missing sister. A ferocious thriller co-produced by Darren Aronofsky.

USA 85 mins

Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie

Toya Sato

An unremarkable housewife is in fact a formidable secret agent suffering from amnesia in this action-packed thriller!

Japan 119 mins

Chewing Gum

Mihir Fadnavis

Railway, rickshaw, or running like hell, nothing can save a man of questionable appetites, because the night has an appetite too.

India 18 mins


Benoit Blanc, Matthias Girbig

In search of his missing daughter, a man arrives in the strange town of Choulequec.

France 26 mins


Sydney Clara Brafman

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane.

USA 2 mins


Joséphine Darcy Hopkins

An atypical road movie that explores themes of girlhood and trust against a backdrop of apocalypse.

France 29 mins


A funny and unpredictable historical adventure film, crime drama and comedy all in one!

South Korea 114 mins