Alien On Stage

Directed by Danielle Kummer, Lucy Harvey

Virtual Screening
PRESENTED WITH Giant: The World Of Filmmaker Jeff Leroy


Official selection

Frightfest Film Festival 2020
South by Southwest Film Festival 2021
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2021
Nantucket Film Festival 2021
Imagine Film Festival 2021
San Francisco Documentary Festival 2021


Imagine Festival - Silver Scream Audience Award

Calgary Underground Film Festival - Jury Award for Best Feature Documentary


Lucy Harvey, Danielle Kummer


Lucy Harvey, Danielle Kummer


Luc Hayward, Lydia Hayward, Pete Lawford, Dave Mitchell, Jacqui Roe


Lucy Harvey, Danielle Kummer


Danielle Kummer


Alex Shesha


Emily Badescu, Danielle Kummer


Fool For Love Films

United Kingdom 2020 83 mins OV English Subtitles : English

Join us on August 12 at 3:00pm EDT for a live Q&A animated by Celia Pouzet, with co-directors Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey and the cast of Bus Drivers!

“Special Order 937... Set Course: Wimborne, Dorset, U.K. South West quadrant... Investigate: Dorset bus crew displaying unusual levels of creativity.”

In the great tradition of pantomimes, a form of participatory community theatre, a merry bunch of bus drivers are working on a homemade stage play adaptation of Ridley Scott’s ALIEN. As DYI as it gets, with costumes from charity shops and cardboard decor, we follow the ups and downs of the most delightful, down-to-earth and charming people you’ll ever get to meet, in Lucy Harvey and Danielle Kummer’s debut feature.

I know by now you’ve seen ALIEN a billion times, so have I. But remember that very first time you saw it? I know I do. Remember the thrill, the fascination, the excitement? What if I told you you could get your chance at seeing it for the first time... again? This is what watching ALIEN ON STAGE feels like, with the exception that it’s now been transposed into Christopher Guest’s universe (more specifically WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, 1996). It’ll tickle your ALIEN-loving bone to the core, and your funny-bone too!

Movies are like buses, they’re always another one coming. ALIEN ON STAGE is no ordinary ride though, it’s one of those rare gems that makes you feel all gooey inside, leaving your cheeks aching from smiling and your eyes watery with emotional affection for each character. Do you miss the crowds, the live shows, the communal experience? Treat yourself to a large dose of pure joy with ALIEN ON STAGE. And lucky you, you have the best seats... on the bus! – Celia Pouzet