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Act Of Violence In A Young Journalist

Manuel Lamas

Blanca, a brilliant young journalist who is writing a thesis on violence, is unaware that a psychopathic killer is on her trail.

Uruguay 108 mins

Alien On Stage

Danielle Kummer, Lucy Harvey

If Ridley Scott and Christopher Guest had the most joyful documentary baby... Get on board the Nostromo-bus express, next stop, Alien City!

United Kingdom 83 mins

The Booth

Michael Arcos

A documentary about adult video arcades and the role alternative spaces play in shaping – and preserving – identities.

USA 7 mins

Dear Hacker

Alice Lenay

Alice’s webcam’s red light flashes, out of the blue. A hacker, a ghost, a god? A patchwork of video calls, a metaphysical documentary.

France 60 mins

Fly Away With Me

Maude Matton, Amina Mohamed, Nikki Shaffeeullah

Track the path and life lessons of a young drone fumbling to do right by her lineage.

Canada, Quebec 10 mins

Giant: The World Of Filmmaker Jeff Leroy

Jason Kartalian

Enter the world of one-of-a-kind filmmaker Jeff Leroy, where giant women and kaiju fight it out in a miniature city made from discarded trash.

USA 14 mins

Is It Me

Christopher McGill

An intimate portrait of a bio drag queen, as highly gifted fashion-wise and as she is deeply moving.

United Kingdom 10 mins

Last Night At The Strip Club

Nicole Bazuin

Toronto stripper Andrea Werhun was ousted from her club by the COVID-19 lockdown. Now, she's taking business online.

Canada 12 mins

Lost Boys

Joonas Neuvonen, Sadri Cetinkaya

In this unintended sequel to REINDEERSPOTTING, filmmaker Joonas Neuvonen travels to Southeast Asia seeking the truth behind his friend Jani’s death.

Finland 99 mins


Aleix Pitarch

April, 2004. Friday, peak time. Somewhere in America, a phone rings. A voice on the other side of the line speaks: someone has reported a theft.

Spain 30 mins

Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché

Paul Sng, Celeste Bell

A fiercely moving tribute to one of the most recognizable and unconventional frontpersons in punk history, co-directed by her daughter.

United Kingdom 96 mins


Russell Morton

Using folklore and myth as narrative anchors, filmmaker Russel Morton examines the origins of Eurasians in the Malayan region.

Singapore 20 mins

Straight To VHS

Emilio Silva Torres

Somewhere between an eerie detective story and horror film, a strange documentary about an even stranger VHS film.

Argentina, Uruguay 76 mins

Telos or Bust

Brad Abrahams

Immerse yourself in the confluence of strange myths and beliefs of the citizens of Mount Shasta, California.

Canada, USA 15 mins

The Truth About Hastings

Dan Schneidkraut

Strange things are afoot in Hastings, Nebraska, as we witness Marjorie’s 93rd birthday and descend into an intergalactic psychedelic nightmare.

USA 10 mins

Woodlands Dark And Days Bewitched: A His...

Kier-La Janisse

From Michael Reeves to Ari Aster, no stones are left unturned in the definitive folk horror documentary.

USA 192 mins

You Can't Kill Meme

Hayley Garrigus

Shamanic panic! New measurements of reality, the genesis of Memetic Magick and virtual pied pipers in this mind-bending debut anti-documentary.

USA 79 mins