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Canadian Premiere
Selection 2021 Scheduled

Hand Rolled Cigarette

Directed by Kin Long Chan

Tue August 24, 2021
7:00 PM

Virtual Screening


Official selection

Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
Osaka Asian Film Festival
Singapore Chinese Film Festival
Udine Far East Film Festival


Kin Long Chan


Kin Long Chan, Ryan Ling


Bipin Karma, Ka Tung Lam


Lawrence Lau


Rick Lau

Sound Designer

Dave Cheung


Hanz Au, III Iris Liu


Alan Lo



Hong Kong 2020 101 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English
Genre Drama

Triad intrigue involving smuggled turtles, a stolen million and a cup of instant noodles is afoot in Hong Kong. Kwan has forged a deal as the middleman to deliver good-luck turtles to his boss, but is also working behind his boss’s back with the turtle smuggler, to skim more. More complications arise when a small-time thief, Mani, steals a bag of drugs from Kwan’s triad associates and goes on the run. He offers to pay Kwan if he can hide in his apartment. Mani is also very protective of his innocent kid brother. Laying low, he is unable to meet the boy, so Kwan is sent in his place. Kwan and Mani gradually forge a bond over the subsequent days. Soon Kwan must decide where his loyalties and fortune lie. Can his obsession with cigarettes lead him in the right direction?

First-time director Chan Kin-Long has taken a traditional triad tale of betrayal and friendship and richly embellished it with a fresh slant, while maintaining a colourful balance of human drama, film noir, humour and suspenseful action. Chan also really brings out the neon-soaked underbelly of Hong Kong, visually, while incorporating a very cosmopolitan view of the city, including a rare casting of a local actor of East Indian origin in a co-starring role. Johnnie To regular Gordon Lam (ELECTION) really shines in the lead role as someone trying to find purpose after serving the British when the former colony was under their administration. Filmed entirely during the pandemic, HAND ROLLED CIGARETTE was greeted with an avalanche of award nominations, and is ready to light up Fantasia! – King-Wei Chu


Tue August 24, 2021
7:00 PM

Virtual Screening