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Anna Zaytseva

Gut-wrenching dread tears through this tense Russian Screenlife thriller that explores a grisly social media suicide challenge.

Russia 93 mins

All The Moons

Igor Legarreta

An impeccably crafted and heart-rending variation on the vampire genre which takes its place among the best of the bloodsucker films.

France, Spain 102 mins

Baby Money

Mikhael Bassilli, Luc Walpoth

A crackling thriller and a study of desperate people in a desperate situation, BABY MONEY delivers in so many ways.

USA 93 mins

Baby, Don't Cry

Jesse Dvorak

Attempting to navigate their past traumas and hopeless future, two troubled kids dive headfirst into a powder-keg romance.

USA 90 mins

Back To The Wharf

Li Xiaofeng

A truly refreshing film noir, with sharp reflections on corruption, greed and how China’s modernization can transform an innocent family.

China 119 mins

Brain Freeze

Julien Knafo

A security guard (Roy Dupuis), a teenager and his little sister try to survive the zombie epidemic that’s raging in their community.

Canada, Quebec 93 mins


Paul Andrew Williams

A feared gang enforcer, vanished for ten years, returns to hunt the mobsters he once ran with in this ferocious British revenge thriller.

United Kingdom 88 mins

Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie

Toya Sato

An unremarkable housewife is in fact a formidable secret agent suffering from amnesia in this action-packed thriller!

Japan 119 mins


A funny and unpredictable historical adventure film, crime drama and comedy all in one!

South Korea 114 mins


Dash Shaw

A quest to save unicorns, griffins and phoenixes in Dash Shaw’s fantastical new animated feature.

USA 95 mins

Don't Say Its Name

Rueben Martell

When a mining company begins its assault on the land, the land itself retaliates. A very effective snowbound spectral thriller.

Canada 84 mins

Dr. Caligari

Stephen Sayadian

The 1989 underground masterpiece, newly restored, embraces the avant-garde in its exquisite, hilarious exploitation of America’s repressed libido.

USA 80 mins

Dreams On Fire

Philippe McKie

Yume has only one dream – to break into the dance world in Japan. She leaves her small town to move to Tokyo and make her mark in her discipline.

Canada, Japan 124 mins

The Feast

Lee Haven Jones

A grisly and intelligent eco-horror nightmare. Among the strongest of cinema’s current folk horror revival.

United Kingdom 93 mins


Yun Jéro

A masterful film with a phenomenal actress, using the codes of the boxing drama to deliver a moving, powerful and hopeful work.

South Korea 104 mins

Follow The Light

Yoichi Narita

A stunningly beautiful coming-of-age story set in a village in the Japanese countryside, where a crop circle appears one day.

Japan 104 mins

Ghosting Gloria

Mauro Sarser, Marcela Matta

A charming, sex-positive genre-bender that switches between fantasy, horror and offbeat comedy — all wrapped up in a whimsical and subversive romance.

Uruguay 113 mins

Giving Birth to a Butterfly

Theodore Schaefer

Theodore Schaefer’s strange, melodic and haunting feature debut is a deeply disquieting but mystical journey into the unconscious realm.

USA 77 mins


Kelsey Egan

A mysterious stranger infiltrates a sheltered family unit while a memory-wasting toxin spreads through the lands in this dystopian South African fairytale.

South Africa 94 mins

Grand Blue Dreaming

Tsutomu Hanabusa

An extremely irreverent comedy in which a nude-dash obstacle course and much more awaits fans of absurdist humour.

Japan 107 mins

Hand Rolled Cigarette

Kin Long Chan

Petty crook Kwan must decide where his loyalties and fortune lie. Drama, suspense, humour and action in the neon-soaked underbelly of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong 101 mins


John Adams, Zelda Adams, Toby Poser

An occult coming-of-age film unlike any you’ve seen – haunting, heartfelt, freakish and fun – from the makers of THE DEEPER YOU DIG.

USA 83 mins

Hello! Tapir

Kethsvin Chee

When his father goes missing at sea, a boy seeks out a magical creature in the hopes of bringing dad back home.

Taiwan 89 mins

Hotel Poseidon

Stef Lernous

Set in a decaying hotel, this deliciously nauseating dark comedy will take you on a surreal underworld adventure.

Belgium 89 mins