Rent Do

Directed by Gavin Michael Booth


Official selection

Queen Palm International Film Festival
Beloit International Film Festival
Vancouver Island Short Film Festival
Los Angeles Comedy Festival
Canadian International Film Festival


Queen Palm International Film Festival - Best Comedy Short

Portland Comedy Film Festival - Best Director

Durango International Film Festival - Best Live Action Short


Gavin Michael Booth


Jonathan Dubsky, Daniel Rindress-Kay


Sarah Booth, Jonathan Dubsky, Daniel Rindress-Kay


Two Toads Productions

Canada 2020 15 mins OV English Subtitles : English
Genre Comedy

Rent Do follows Rich, Winnie and Pete, roommates and reluctant best friends. When each one is unceremoniously fired on the same day, Winnifred takes matters into her own hands, forcing all three into hiding. Paying rent becomes the least of their concerns.