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Canadian Premiere
Selection 2021 On Demand

Mother Schmuckers (Fils de Plouc)

Directed by Lenny & Harpo Guit

Virtual Screening


Official selection

Sundance Film Festival 2021
Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival 2021
Darwin International Film Festival 2021
Imagine International Film Festival 2021


Lenny & Harpo Guit


Lenny & Harpo Guit


Mathieu Amalric, Claire Bodson, Maxi Delmelle, Guit Harpo


Best Friend Forever

Belgium 2021 70 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre Comedy

“A shot of John Waters’ recklessness to a national cinema that has rarely behaved this badly since MAN BITES DOG”
- Guy Lodge, VARIETY

They’re dumb AF. They’re annoying. They eat poop. They’re total losers. Morons. Imbeciles! And we love them for it! They’re the best kind of schmuckers. Issachar (Maxi Delmelle) and Zabulon (Harpo Guit) take a wild ride through every corner of Brussels, as they search for January-Jack (Fresco), their mom’s (Claire Bodson) lost dog. Constantly on the move, jumping from one character to another, each more dim-witted than the last – including their dad, the OG schmucker, played by French superstar Mathieu Amalric – MOTHER SCHMUCKERS is a crazy, trashy, wacky, goofy comedy, at times following in the steps of gross-out and cringe-humour masters Tim & Eric.

Lenny and Harpo Guit, aka Club Guittos, have been making self-produced films since high school. Together, with their clique of friends, they’ve created accomplished shorts including LA SEMAINE EST ENCORE LONGUE (2015), NATHALIE F*** YOU ALL (2016), LA BRIGADE DU KIFF (2018) and a personal favourite, LES BIJOUX DE ZIZI (2017). This gang of movie pranksters have gone from Youtube stars to Sundance alumni, and MOTHER SCHMUCKERS their debut feature.

A scientific study has shown that four to 14 percent of the world’s population has a genetic variation called rs72921001, a trait found in olfactory-receptor genes that makes cilantro taste like… soap. Now, what has it got to do with anything here? Well, MOTHER SCHMUCKERS is one big ball of filmic cilantro for y’all! It may very well titillate your buds in the right way with deliriously over-the-top poop jokes, its cinematic inventiveness, and the largest dose of camp you’ll get to see this year. Or, it may taste like… soap. Either way, no need to worry, have a little taste! So? Will you be a lover or a schmucker? – Celia Pouzet