Canadian Premiere
Selection 2021 On Demand

Sweetie, You Won't Believe It (Zhanym, ty ne poverish)

Directed by Ernar Nurgaliev

Virtual Screening


Official selection

Warsaw Film Festival
Rojo Sangre Film Festival
Fantaspoa Film Festival
Fantasy Film Festival of Bilbao
Black Nights Film Festival


Kinoshok Film Festival - Best Feature film, Best Script

Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre - The Audience Award


Ernar Nurgaliev


Ernar Nurgaliyev, Daniyar Soltanbayev, Ilyas Toleu, Anuar Turizhigitov, Alisher Utev, Aybasov Zhandos


Daniyar Alshinov, Erkebulan Dairov, Asel Kaliyeva, Azamat Marklenov,, Rustem Zhany-Amanov


Zhandos Aybasov, Azamat Dulatov, Ernar Nurgaliyev, Timur Shevchenko


Azamat Dulatov

Sound Designer

Anton Fedorov


Nazarbek Orazbekov


Ernar Nurgaliev


Aliya Odinayeva



Kazakhstan 2020 85 mins OV Russian Subtitles : English

Three bona fide losers escape from their drama-filled lives to go on their first fishing trip together, in a van filled with sex dolls and high optimism. While peacefully fishing, they witness inept gangsters accidentally blowing someone’s head off. While hotly pursued by the mobsters, a one-eyed man, highly skilled with knives and his fists, watches in stoic amusement in the shadows, and begins to pick both parties off one by one. The situation quickly escalates to complicated status, as it’s mating season for a “friendly” lady who may be related to the killer, and who has found a candidate among the hunted bunch. With nobody to rescue them, what twisted fates and bodily injury will greet our heroes and villains?

Strap yourself in for absolute joyous craziness guaranteed to tickle your funny-bone – while shattering every other bone with its brilliantly conceived executions. Imagine THE HANGOVER meets TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and a touch of WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE (Fantasia 2019). Seasoned Kazakh comedy director Yernar Nurgaliyev plunges into horror-comedy for the first time, serving us a fresh, dynamic mix of genres while spicing it with Kazakh flair. After traveling around the world, bagging awards along the way at Kinoshok and Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, SWEETIE, YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT is now bound for fresh kills in Canada – are you dying to be the next batch? – King-Wei Chu