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Canadian Premiere
Selection 2021 Scheduled


Directed by Ricky Ko

Mon August 23, 2021
9:00 PM

Virtual Screening


Official selection

Hong Kong Film Festival
Udine Far East Film Festival
International Film Festival of Rotterdam


Ricky Ko


Ching Yi Ho, Ka Tung Lam


Suet Ying Chung, Petrina Fung, Suet Lam, Patrick Tse


Ka Tung Lam


Jam Yau

Sound Designer

Chi Yeung Chan, Kei Wing Nip


Tomy Wai


Kai Wing Yeung


Edko Films Limited

Hong Kong 2020 99 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English
Genre DramaComedy

Chau was once a notorious assassin with a lethal slash, and his partner Fong was infamous for her deadly kung fu moves. Now, at the twilight of their lives, their best days behind them, Chau cuts noodles with his famous knife, and Fong is a nightclub owner, while her opportunistic daughter-in-law wants to dump her in a retirement home. One day, though, their lives find renewed purpose. They become the Guardian Angels of the Elderly, using their martial-arts skills to put elders out of their misery voluntarily, because they’re either sick or jaded with life. All’s well until a teenager with no ambition in life attracts the attention of the angels, causing new complications in their line of work.

Two icons of Hong Kong’s true golden age of the 1960s, the legendary Petrina Fung (“the Shirley Temple of Hong Kong”) and the venerable Patrick Tse (SHAOLIN SOCCER), who personified Hong Kong cool before Chow Yun-Fat was even acting, reclaim their places on the silver screen in director Ricky Ko’s debut feature, TIME. One of the two recent films – the other being the award-winning I CARE A LOT – to explore anew dark social issues regarding old age with humour, heart, cautious optimism and a splash of action – TIME is a love letter not just to Hong Kong cinema but to legendary heroes who are all too soon forgotten, struggling to be relevant in the ever evolving society. Fresh from the screens of Hong Kong, catch TIME before you run out of time! – King-Wei Chu


Mon August 23, 2021
9:00 PM

Virtual Screening