Presented by Japan Foundation

International Premiere
Cheval Noir In-Person Screening

Tokyo Revengers

Directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa

Sun August 08, 2021
7:30 PM


Tsutomu Hanabusa


Izumi Takahashi


Takumi Kitamura, Yosuke Sugino, Yuki Yamada



Japan 2021 120 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre DramaScience-FictionRomanceAction

A naked, tattooed yakuza is bloodied and terrorized by a new breed of sharp-dressed gangsters in a luxury car. The Tokyo Manji Gang is flexing its muscle, and a furious conflict within the underworld is in motion. It even affects the life of Takemichi Hanagaki, a slovenly, cowardly loser in his mid-twenties, when he hears the news that his high-school sweetheart and her brother have been killed. Then Takemichi himself is attacked, pushed onto the subway tracks as the train barrels down on him. At the last second, however, Takemichi is transported 10 years into the past, becoming his tough, cocky teenage self again. He’s right back where the madness all started. He may just have a chance to change the future – if he can survive his own past!

An all-out, jawbreaking juvenile-delinquent battle royale combined with a high-stakes time-travel thriller, plus additional dashes of adolescent angst and romantic comedy, TOKYO REVENGERS, Ken Wakui’s enormously popular, award-winning manga debuted in 2017 and has since been adapted as a TV anime series, and now as Tsutomu Hanabusa’s live-action film version. The director succeeds mightily at the challenging task of laying out the story’s complex science-fiction scheme amid a barrage of bloody, brutal hoodlum battles, and still finding room for the sweetness of first love. Find the courage to change your own future – make plans to catch TOKYO REVENGERS right now! – Rupert Bottenberg


Sun August 08, 2021
7:30 PM