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All The Moons

Igor Legarreta

An impeccably crafted and heart-rending variation on the vampire genre which takes its place among the best of the bloodsucker films.

France, Spain 102 mins

The Devil's Deal

Lee Won-tae

A captivating political thriller tinged with cynicism, masterful in its writing, acting, and direction.

South Korea 116 mins

Ghosting Gloria

Mauro Sarser, Marcela Matta

A charming, sex-positive genre-bender that switches between fantasy, horror and offbeat comedy — all wrapped up in a whimsical and subversive romance.

Uruguay 113 mins

The Great Yokai War - Guardians

Takashi Miike

The titan Takashi Miike takes us back to the magical world of the Yokai as a war threatens to destroy Tokyo. An irreverent fairytale!

Japan 117 mins


John Adams, Zelda Adams, Toby Poser

An occult coming-of-age film unlike any you’ve seen – haunting, heartfelt, freakish and fun – from the makers of THE DEEPER YOU DIG.

USA 83 mins

Hotel Poseidon

Stef Lernous

Set in a decaying hotel, this deliciously nauseating dark comedy will take you on a surreal underworld adventure.

Belgium 89 mins


Travis Taute

An ex-fireman finds himself on the run for a crime he has no memory of in this subversive, high-tension South African action thriller.

South Africa 124 mins

Love, Life And Goldfish

Yukinori Makabe

A musical comedy from Yukinori Makabe with extremely catchy J-pop songs, perfectly integrated into the story.

Japan 93 mins

Martyrs Lane

Ruth Platt

Ruth Platt’s third feature is a ghost story that haunts, a heartbreaking fairy tale that whispers its truths in tears and blood.

United Kingdom 96 mins

Remain In Twilight

Daigo Matsui

Six high school friends reunite, yet one shouldn’t be there. Grief comes alive in Daigo Matsui’s metaphysical dramedy.

Japan 96 mins

The Righteous

Mark O'Brien

An ex-priest and a stranger face off in this unsettling occult horror film which creeps into your bones like a damp chill.

Canada 97 mins

Tokyo Revengers

Tsutomu Hanabusa

Takemichi may have a chance to change the future – if he can survive his own past. A high-stakes, streetfighting time-travel thriller!

Japan 120 mins

Voice Of Silence

Hong Eui-jeong

A masterfully handled debut in which the majestic cinematography, gripping suspense and excellent acting impress.

South Korea 99 mins

Wonderful Paradise

Masashi Yamamoto

The Sasayas are moving out, but not without a party! A demented spin on the unwanted-guest scenario from punk iconoclast Masashi Yamamoto.

Japan 95 mins