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North American premiere
Cheval Noir On Demand

Voice Of Silence (So-ri-doh-eop-si)

Directed by Hong Eui-jeong

Virtual Screening


Official selection

Frankfurt Korean Film Festival 2021
Glasgow Film Festival 2021
Brussels Fantastic Film Festival 2021
Udine Far East Film Festival 2021
Fribourg International film Festival 2021
Transilvania International film Festival 2021
Fantasy Filmfest XL 2021


Hong Eui-jeong


Hong Eui-jeong


Yoo Ah-in, You Chea-myung, Moon Seung-a


Kuti Afolabi, Kim Hyung-oak, Kim Lewis Taewan


Park Jung-hun

Sound Designer

Lee Sung-june


Han Mee-yeon



South Korea 2021 99 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English
Genre Thriller

It's back to business as usual for Chang-bok (You Chea-myung, BRING ME HOME) and his assistant Tae-in (Yoo Ah-in, #ALIVE), who has lost his voice. They go to the village to sell their eggs, then change clothes and go to fulfill their contract with gangsters to prepare and clean the scene of an execution. Finally, they return home after disposing of the body. Their discretion and professionalism are so well respected that a gang leader gives them an unprecedented task: to fetch a person and hide them for 24 hours. When they arrive at the designated place, they are stunned. It’s a little girl. They bring her back and fulfill their part of the contract, but no one comes to claim her. So the antisocial Tae-in has to take the child back to his home, hidden deep in the land he shares with his little sister. Everything goes wrong when he and his colleague arrive at their new assignment, and find out that it’s their employer.

Few first works are executed with as much mastery as the psychological thriller VOICE OF SILENCE by director and screenwriter Hong Eui-jeong, as evidenced by the awards she has won in South Korea. While the direction remains the film’s strongest point, thanks in part to a majestic cinematography that highlights the beauty of the Korean countryside with meticulous attention to natural light, the script is extremely well constructed and paced. The interactions between the characters, as well as their development, greatly enrich the story and the suspense. Yoo Ah-in's masterful performance in a mute role has been praised everywhere the film has played. Fascinating, effective and gripping, VOICE OF SILENCE paves the way for an immense career for Hong Eui-jeong and confirms Yoo Ah-in's growing reputation. – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg