Canadian Premiere
Selection 2021 On Demand

Paul Dood's Deadly Lunch Break

Directed by Nick Gillepsie

Virtual Screening


Official selection

South by Southwest Film Festival 2021


Nick Gillespie


Brook Driver, Nick Gillespie, Matt White


Mandeep Dhillon, Alice Lowe, Kris Marshall, Tom Meeten, Katherine Parkinson


The Film Collaborative

United Kingdom 2021 95 mins OV English
Genre ThrillerAction

He sings, dances, acts, loves his mum, and is out for bloody revenge! When big-hearted loser Paul Dood (Tom Meeten of GHOUL and SIGHTSEERS) misses out on his big shot at the national talent competition, he sets his crosshairs on the five miserable souls who dashed away his hopes and dreams of superstardom. On lunch break from his thrift-shop job and with nothing left to lose, Dood faces a disgruntled train attendant (Steve Oram of SIGHTSEERS), a miserable teashop owner (played by Johnny Vegas), an (un)holy preacher and his assistant (Kris Marshall of LOVE ACTUALLY and the exquisite Alice Lowe of PREVENGE and GARTH MARENGHI’S DARK PLACE) and Jack Tapp himself, host of the competition. As the bodies begin to stack, Dood becomes internet famous, and infamously hunted by the police.

With more British talent than you can wave a samurai sword at, Nick Gillespie’s second feature following the 2015 acclaimed TANK 432, which was revered at Fantasia, sees the filmmaker trade dark and haunting for heartfelt and bloody. Long-time collaborator of Ben Wheatley on films such as IN THE EARTH, FREE FIRE, HIGH RISE, and KILL LIST, Gillespie masterfully delivers a tale that is equal parts underdog comedy and gory romp, through his dynamic camerawork and keen comedic sense. This coupled with Meeten’s dazzling performance makes it impossible not to root for this down-and-out, Insta-obsessed Dood fighting to make it in a world that is all too cold and disenchanted. – Justin Langlois