North American premiere
Documentaries from the Edge


Directed by Russell Morton


Official selection

Singapore International Film Festival 2021
Sheffield Doc Fest 2021


Russell Morton


Russell Morton


Megan Barker, Jason Dehamel, Trevor Nonis, Bunny Rodrigues, Sara Frederica Santa Maria



Singapore 2020 20 mins OV Kristang Subtitles : English

SAUDADE is an aural and visual archive narrated entirely in Kristang — a creole language that emerged in 16th-century Portuguese colonial Malacca. The film reimagines rituals and choreography characteristic of early Eurasian kampongs in three acts: a song and dance of the Jinkli Nona, a scene between a shrimp fisherman and his wife, and a cross-cultural encounter with the Orang Minyak (Oily Man). Using folklore and myth as narrative anchors, filmmaker Russel Morton weaves his personal identity and allegorical storytelling into cinema to examine the origins of Eurasians in the Malayan region. – Celia Pouzet