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Junk Head

Directed by Takahide Hori

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Takahide Hori


Takahide Hori


Takahide Hori


Takahide Hori


Takahide Hori


GAGA corporation

Japan 2021 101 mins Subtitles : English

“A one-man band work of deranged brilliance! Monumental will and imagination at work”
– Guillermo del Toro

It has been centuries since human beings abandoned mortality and natural reproduction. Centuries since they delegated danger and drudgery to clones, only to see their subjugated creations revolt and exile themselves in the vast subterranean underworld. Now the humans up above have begun to explore this lost world, embarking on exploratory missions as fraught and uncertain as any in the history of the species. The creatures which were once docile fabricated servants have become a vast array of absurd and terrifying monstrosities. But humans too have changed, altered almost unrecognizably – and the changes haven’t come to a halt yet…

In 2017, Fantasia revealed to the world at large the feature-film culmination of Takahide Hori’s one-man stop-motion project, the ambitious, existential cyber-horror concoction JUNK HEAD (initially an award-winning short film in 2013). All but completely alone in his studio, the designer and director had unleashed his lurid imagination and his maniacal dedication to detail in the execution of his craft. The result was a surprise hit at Fantasia, and at subsequent festival appearances. Then… JUNK HEAD vanished for five years, becoming a thing of mystery and legend. At last, this year, a tighter, meaner theatrical edit of JUNK HEAD has been produced, and proper release and distribution will follow. Fantasia is proud to once again open this portal into Hori’s mind – a balm for frustrated fans, and an assured delight for those discovering JUNK HEAD for the first time. – Rupert Bottenberg