International Premiere
Selection 2021 Scheduled

On The 3rd Day (AL 3ER DÍA)

Directed by Daniel De la Vega

Mon August 23, 2021
7:30 PM

Virtual Screening


Executive Producer

Néstor Sánchez Sotelo


Daniel De la Vega


Alberto Fasce, Gonzalo Ventura


Moro Anghileri, Diego Cremonesi, Lautaro Delgado Tymruk, Osmar Nuñez, Gerardo Romano, Osvaldo Santoro


Daniel De la Vega, Néstor Sánchez Sotelo


Mariano Suárez

Sound Designer

Germán Suracce


Luciano Onetti


Martín Blousson, Daniel De la Vega, Guille Gatti



Argentina 2021 84 mins OV Spanish Subtitles : English
Genre ThrillerFantasy

One dark night, Cecilia and her young son Martín are in a terrible car accident. Three days later, she wanders along a lonely road, her son nowhere in sight. As she desperately looks for her child, Cecilia can’t remember what happened during her missing time. Eventually, the distraught mother finds parallels to her case in police files, linking to a brutal killer on the loose. The mysteries grow when Cecilia encounters a “religious man” responsible for the unsolved murders. To her, he is a lunatic. To him, Cecilia is the enemy…

Since its early days, Fantasia has been championing Spanish-language horror, and lately we’ve been on a South America kick. Knocking them out of the park each time at bat is the Argentinean company Del Toro Films, who brought Fantasia WHITE COFFIN (2016), DEAD MAN TELLS HIS OWN TALE (2017) and last’s year’s supernatural stunner THE FUNERAL HOME. The Del Toro productions are marked by twisty storylines, atmospheric direction and remarkable performances. Now WHITE COFFIN’s Daniel de la Vega returns with the unique ON THE 3RD DAY, a bloody horror mystery based on a novel by co-writer Gonzalo Ventura. As the anguished, memory-impaired mom, the excellent Mariana Anghileri drives the homage-sprinkled narrative to its breathless conclusion. It would be a disservice to explain more of de la Vega’s suspenseful plot than what’s stated above because you will never guess the final act’s revelation. But trust us: You’ll be talking about ON THE 3RD DAY for days to come! – Tony Timpone


Mon August 23, 2021
7:30 PM

Virtual Screening