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Directed by Rasmus Merivoo

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Black Nights Film Festival
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
Grossman Film & Wine Festival


Rasmus Merivoo


Rasmus Merivoo



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Estonia 2020 107 mins OV Estonian Subtitles : English
Genre HorrorComedyFamilyFantasy

Ah, children. The source of much joy, hope and innocence for many, but truth be told the little monsters are out to kill us all. Let's be honest, they're all selfish wretches who do nothing but drive you crazy and suck up your will to live. And now, in a small Estonian village, two narcissistic little brats (Nora and Harri Merivoo, the director's kids!), dropped off at their Grandmother's (Mari Lili) farm for a few weeks while their parents attend a self-help retreat, may bring about the end of human existence as we know it. Complaining about the actual work they're expected to do, these little snot-nosed pests bring the local legend of the Kratt – a Terminator-like demonic spirit that must always be fed work, or else – to life just so they can take it easy, but in doing so they may have set in motion the destruction of Grandma, her village and perhaps the world with it. And all because they couldn't get internet access.

In 2009, director Rasmus Merivoo's BURATINO, SON OF PINOCCHIO signaled a unique comic fantasy talent. It's taken 12 long years for his return, but with KRATT he's fulfilled the promise of BURATINO and delivered a hilarious dark comedy that is wonderfully absurd and yet very assured in its direction. Bringing to mind last year's equally hilarious THE OLD MAN MOVIE (similar setup and similarly bizarre) and TIME BANDITS-era Gilliam, KRATT brings a crude, nasty and pointed Pythonesque quality to its satire. Essentially a deadpan comedy made very specifically for Eastern European audiences, it’s nonetheless very relatable and many, many jokes land beautifully, ensuring many a giggle fit throughout. It's pretty safe to say that no other movie at Fantasia 2021 will match KRATT's delightful preposterousness. – Matthew Kiernan